How do you eat your nachos? Corn chips on the bottom, or corn chips on the top?


If you’re like me, I thought there was only one way to present nachos, and that is, corn chips on the bottom and everything else piled on top of it. Sure, the chips on the bottom get soggy, but I just accepted the way it was, not really thinking about doing it differently. It wasn’t until someone said they don’t put their chips on the bottom, rather, they arrange them around the sides and top that it hit me. Why hadn’t I thought to do this? It was so obvious, and I felt like a right dill once it was pointed out to me.


This got me thinking.


How often do we do this? In life? In business? We accept things are a certain way and carry on about our day. Sometimes it isn’t until we’re shown differently that things seem so obvious. Like someone turning on a light in that dark, dusty corner of your consciousness.


Why is it then that we can be so resistant to hearing different points of view? Different ways of doing things? Different ways of thinking? Why can it sometimes feel like someone is threatening our intellect and our capabilities, causing us to hang on dearly to our beliefs or ways of doing things, even when they don’t make sense?


Sharing this nacho debate has been the centre of a great epiphany for some, and a timely reminder for others. Open yourself up to different ways of thinking, doing and being. Stop limiting yourself to what you know. Because the reality is, you don’t know what you don’t know. What potential is hiding behind the way you arrange your corn chips? Are you open to arranging them a different way?