“Here’s a little something to go with your drink that we’ve been working on in the kitchen– let us know what you think”.



Even though that was well over 4 years ago now, I’ve never forgotten the moment a local café offered this to me and my client, and their presumed obliviousness to the power it harnessed.


It essentially cost this business next to nothing to share what they were working on in the kitchen, but the power it held was enormous. It was unexpected, it wasn’t the “norm” and if it was, perhaps only held for select regular, or special customers. I was a new customer; this was only the second time I had visited. But, that day, I became that valued customer. They valued my opinion, and they craved my feedback and their offering was more than happily given. They didn’t announce or hint at the value of what was offered, and there weren’t any sales tactics attached to this gift.


We often think of value as a hard metric—the expected fair exchange of this for that.


But value can be a surprising, open-handed, unfair exchange.


Something that’s given because we can, not because we must.