How many times have you bought something once from a business, but never returned?


How much time, energy and money did that business devote to getting that first customer through the door? The health food shop that attracts a passer-by with its street signage, the architect that pays for placement in the right magazine, the gym who spends hours grooming their Instagram account.


We may have done the hard work of attracting new clients, but how much do we invest in ensuring we get another chance to serve that client or customer tomorrow?


Have we fallen into the trap of believing that attention and awareness are the currency of success? Maybe they’re not. Maybe what really matters more than getting someone’s attention is what it is you do to change how they feel once you’ve got it. Successful businesses are built on not just earning that second interaction, but the one after that, and the one after that.


Both the business and the customer win when we prioritise what we do to keep our clients and customers once they walk through the door; not the screaming out for attention.