I recently started working with a business who had an amazing reputation and who had built a great brand using the resources and knowledge they could grab at. Their clients, like most of us, had pretty low expectations of businesses in this particular industry, so were bowled over by my client’s approach to solving these generally accepted low standards by knocking them on the head and carving a new way of doing things.


But as rare as this was, things began to shift for the worst.


My client became so busy, they struggled to keep up with the amazing standards they had set and what originally differentiated them from others in their industry. Small mistakes were made, and apologies overlooked. They stopped picking up the phone and had become so technology and streamline obsessed, they had forgotten that they genuinely cared about their clients. And showing that care made all the difference.


Their client retention, that was normally close to 100%, started to drop and we began to uncover it was the little things that showed they genuinely cared (that they now didn’t have time for) were creating a crack in the door, allowing clients to slip out.


It’s worth remembering that it isn’t only what we do that people notice, sometimes it is what we don’t do that determines the direction our clients walk, and consequently, the direction of our business.




When we’re taking on too much, research shows it significantly effects our business performance – and it’s usually not until we are halfway down the rabbit hole that we realise the damage that’s been done.

But, we’ve got you.

We’ve created a free smart sheet to help highlight the tasks that are important, and those which are time suckers and taking more of a mental toll than they should be.

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