I set a goal shortly after giving birth to Eddy. It could have been a superficial goal, but allowing myself to dive deeper into why, my goal ended up really being about reaching the top of a mountain again.


After working consistently hard for two months, in March I achieved my goal!



I can’t say it was easy with a healthy 7kg three-month-old strapped to my front, but I pushed myself to my absolute limit and got to the top using my determination, persistence and a whole lot of grit.


Personal goals are just as important as professional goals. But success can be just as unpredictable as failure – no one really knows what will be a hit or miss.


But, there’s a but here.


Persistence, consistence, grit – in everything you do – and putting your best effort in always, will guarantee your life begins to transform, whether it be personally or professionally, and that is a sure thing.


Are you consistently putting in your best effort?