Upon checking my mailbox on Friday, a menu drop by a local Chinese restaurant was waiting for me to be read.


Understandably, this is a really challenging time for this business, and similar businesses.


My heart went out to them, they were trying, but at the same I couldn’t help but think ‘how could they be doing this better?’.


This really stuck in my mind. I thought about all the local restaurants that had now switched to takeaway offerings as a result of the new regulations and were trying so hard not to shut their doors (if they hadn’t already), keep their staff safe but employed, and salvage what they could with the options they had in front of them.


When I pondered it that evening, I came up with four things off the bat that I hadn’t seen anyone in the food industry offer yet, that would have grabbed my attention and been a game changer for them.


Back Scratching

There is a great sense of community at the moment. Now is not the time to be taking advantage of any situations or thinking about maximising profit margins. People want to see you care and that you are here to help and to give – not take. One way to show this is to temporarily lower your prices so they are cost price – and communicate why you are doing it. Ensuring your prices cover your fixed costs (rent, wages (including your own), insurance, etc), will see you covering your needs, but you are also making it possible for the community to support you in your time of need, and their time of need – it’s a bit of give and take from both sides.



In thinking about the Chinese restaurant in particular, a lot of people are fascinated with exotic ingredients and immunity building plants and foods. In these uncertain times, people would be open to new ways of building their immunity and so opens up an opportunity to highlight an immunity boosting ingredient that exists in a current dish, or to create a new dish that features an immunity boosting ingredient. This would have an even stronger impact if not many had heard of said ingredient.



It’s safe to say there is a little public panic. We all know about the toilet paper and flours stripped from the shelves and how a snow ball effect was quickly created. People are looking for certainty and want to feel more prepared, especially if they hadn’t taken it seriously in the early days. This provides an opportunity to offer meal portions ready to freeze. Easy, cost effective (when offered at cost price) and solves a problem for all.


Over to You

Some people are feeling very anxious about leaving their homes unless absolutely necessary and some people can’t even consider purchasing ready made food in fear of catching the virus right now. This is where you can build you brand by getting online and showing people (for free) how to cook (delicious Chinese food in this business’ case) from home with the ingredients found in the cupboard.


Once this pandemic is over, your business needs to be remembered for the right reasons. This is the time to have heart. It’s time to be truly creative. It’s time to be a giver.


If you feel like another brain in the room would be priceless in keeping your business alive, we’d love to help – for free! No strings, no sales funnels, no future harassment. Just good old-fashioned genuine help from one business to another. Let’s sit down for a virtual coffee and see what we can come up with together.